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Pz V F

1-5 PzKpfw V "Panther" Ausf.F(Medium Tank) (1945)
POINTS: 1420 each (RP:1)
Main weapon (turret): Main weapon (turret): KwK42 75mm medium gun (L70) with coaxial Mg34 light machine gun.
Secondary weapon (lower hull): Stg 44 with support.
Crew: 4 men and 1 sergeant (leader), all armed with MP40 sub-machine gun.
Duties: Commander, machine-gunner/radio operator, gunner, assistant, driver.
Characteristics: Coaxial weapon,extra-long barrel (main weapon), extra-heavy armour, radio operator, weapon support,
• Ambush camouflage can be added for +30 points.
• 1 tank per platoon can become an HQ by adding a long-range radio and replacing the sergeant with a lieutenant for +30
• An Mg34 light machine gun with anti-aircraft weapon support can be added for +70 points. Secondary weapon (upper
hatch). Additional duty for the Commander: anti-aircraft machine-gunner (exposed).
• Schurzen can be added for +30 points.
• You can buy 1-3 improved shells for +50 points each.
• Nähverteidigungswaffe can be added for +100 points.
• You can change KwK42 75mm medium gun with KwK43 88mm heavy gun (L71) with extra-long barrel for +200 pkt
•A night vision device can be added for +90 (You can see in night as

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